General is an efficient B2B marketplace to trade in excess inventory in a transparent, organized and profitable way. We facilitate interaction between sellers and buyers to trade in such inventory in a mutually beneficial way.
As a seller you can list and trade in your excess inventory of raw material, consumables, machinery or finished goods. As a buyer you can search for items you wish to purchase. You can also create a wish list of items not yet on the platform and be notified as soon as someone lists them.
Tradexs charges for listing excess inventory items and a transaction fee on successful transaction.

Currently the listing fee has been waived off until 30th June 2016 after which the following will be applicable:

Sellers pay listing charges as below:

1. Validity of package: 1 year from the date of receipt of the listing fee;

2. Each listing (line item) will be valid for 60 days after which the same can be renewed or modified as a new listing; Unlimited listings allowed within the validity period for Rs. 10,000/- (Rs. Ten Thousand only).

Every transaction will be charged a fee of 5% of the transaction value (excluding applicable taxes and duties). The fee will be payable by the buyer or seller or both, depending upon the nature of the transaction and mutually agreed terms. The buyer pays all applicable taxes and duties prevailing at the time of the transaction.

Any value added services (VAS) like third party certification, testing, transportation etc. are payable extra at actuals by the buyer.

*Terms & conditions apply. The scheme can be modified or withdrawn by InventryX Systems anytime as per their discretion without any notice.
Yes. All sellers receive following benefits from Tradexs.

1.You as well as prospective buyers looking for items listed by you, receive an instant update on availability of the item on Tradexs.
2.As soon as your listings are uploaded, our expert team begins working on the same proactively and locate prospective buyers from our large database. These prospective buyers are then contacted and a mutually beneficial offer is worked out to conclude the deal.
3.Your listing is visible on category page as an item available for sale along with product image on Tradexs
4.Your listing is visible on Tradexs home page in rotation view, of item available for sale along with product image
5.Large sellers receive benefit of bulk listing upload on Tradexs making the uploading of large listings automated and less cumbersome.

1. Each listing is visible on Tradexs for a period of 15 days only.
2. To renew your listing kindly visit your dashboard and renew the same.
The quantity and the lot size of sale of excess inventory is at seller’s discretion. Tradexs facilitates buying / purchase of any combination of quantities / log provided the seller and buyer mutually agree on it.
Signup is a simple process. On Tradexs home page click on SIGN UP and share your details. Once completed you will receive an OTP (one time password) on your cell number and a verification email on your email ID. You will need use both of them to complete the registration process.
Tradexs wants to ensure only genuine and serious buyers and sellers to interact on the platform. It is our endeavor to ensure a clutter free navigation process leading to quick location of the required item with latest data. The registration process helps Tradexs to identify and welcome on board only genuine and truly interested clients.
You can easily find products on Tradexs. One can search the item on Tradexs by searching through the categories and sub categories. Alternatively the search bar at the top can be used to find particular products on Tradexs by entering a few key words which describe the product.
In case you are unable to find an item after searching on Tradexs, then simply fill a small form with details of item you are searching for. We will search if the item is available with our sellers and if not we will notify the same to you whenever someone lists this item on Tradexs.
Usually products which are classified into excess purchase, cancelled orders, out-of-season or excess production are listed on Tradexs. The condition of these products varies from new packed products to used products. However they are sufficiently well described by the sellers to help buyers make a purchase decision.
On the product listing if a seller has listed an item as negotiable then as a buyer you can give an input of the price at which you wish to purchase the product and the same would be shared with the seller. Team Tradexs will further help you with the process offline to help you negotiate and buy the item from the seller.
You can use any of the following payment options
3. Demand Drafts
4. Cheque (subject to realization)

Please note all transactions will be honored only after receipt of payments

Tradexs bank account details
Account name: Inventryx Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Account nos.: 50200016170856
Bank: HDFC Bank
Branch: Narayan Peth
RTGS/ISFC code: HDFC0000427
There are two alternative available for shipping. The buyer / seller can use Tradexs value added services (VAS) which will ensure faster and hassle free shipping facilities. They can also manage the shipping by themselves by coordinating with a Tradexs representative. On receipt of payment, the customer will receive offline support from our representative regarding location, date and time of receiving the shipment. In case the goods are inspected and accepted at the seller’s site and when the buyer manages own shipment, the buyer waives their right to file dispute after you have picked up your goods from the supplier’s location.
The success of Tradexs lies in successfully honoring every listed transaction. All sellers on Tradexs are rated by the buyers based on their experience. In case Tradexs finds that a listed transaction hasn’t been honored by the seller, Tradexs talks to the seller and finds their issues / concern. In case the reason for not honoring their commitment isn’t justified, some deterrent actions are imposed on defaulters including, in extreme cases, disallowing them from listing their products in future.
Tradexs take utmost care in ensuring that the buyer and seller understand each other’s requirement well before the transfer of money or goods takes place. In the unlikely event of a dispute on the delivery or on the condition / quality of received goods, the buyer can raise a ticket with Tradexs on an email and or call. Our dispute resolution team will help resolve the issue within 7 days.
No. Products once transacted through Tradexs cannot be returned. However in case there is any issue with the product and if it doesn’t match the seller’s description then a buyer can raise a ticket. Our dispute resolution team will help resolve the issue.
Tradexs is a facilitator between seller with excess inventory and a buyer in look out of same items. In case of any dispute our dispute resolution team will work closely with the seller, buyer and value added services provider (if any) to resolve the issues at the earliest possible.
Tradexs is a facilitator between buyer and the seller. All doubts or clarifications that a buyer has will be addressed by representatives of Tradexs only. In case the clarifications are still unanswered then the representatives of Tradexs arrange for a discussion between the buyer and the seller. At no point on website the details of the sellers are visible to the buyers.
Tradexs helps sellers discover buyers through its website and or offline channels. Tradexs representatives helps in facilitating the process. For certain selected clients, Tradexs appoints a key accounts manager for ease of successful completion of every transaction. To know more about this facility kindly contact us on details mentioned here.