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Loctite Maintain 81204 312 G Aerosol Clear Liquid Lubricant Penetrant Spray

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Consumables / Adhesives & Sealants / Anti-Seize & Lubricants


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Product Description

\"features :- penetrant - seeps through rust and corrosion to release frozen nuts and bolts. moisture displacer - low surface tension (23.4 dynes/cm) allows maintain to creep under water to provide a protective barrier between moisture and the metal surface. lubricant - high quality of oils in maintain provide superior lubrication even under extreme pressure rust preventative - protects steel surfaces against salt corrosion and rust in high humidity conditions (85 days at 100% relative humidity). cleaner - cleans and degreases light soil from surface plates, chucks, wire and other machined or polished metal surfaces. will not harm rubber, plastics, or painted surfaces. non-staining, transparent. does not contain chlorofluorocarbons harmful to the environment. application :- electric motors, contacts, communication assemblies, tools, dies, fasteners, ignitions, hardware, hinges, springs machinery, heat treated parts, welds, machined surfaces, instruments, weld rod and wire, tubing, castings, bushings, shafts, gears, conveyors and hoists.\"

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